Journey with Hipstamatic

I had for the first time happily abandoned my DSLR and my favourite point-n-shoot whilst on holiday and became totally obsessed with the camera on my newly acquired iPhone.

I liked the no-noise factor of the shutter release, allowing you to be even less obtrusive, and unexpectedly delighted in the authentic end result of the many faces and moments. I think I fell in love with this Polaroid-like medium. It [Polaroid] still occupies a special place in my heart, like many photographers, where there was a time that the instant one-off photo was developed within minutes, and was a critical tool to test-shots before loading the camera with film.

I love the nostalgia of the Polaroid that some how defies the digital age. Which is the reason why I fell in love with the 'Hipstamatic' and the ecosystem of APPS that allows you to process your images on the go. For quirky looking instantly gratifying images, it was an all-in-one camera, darkroom and social– communication device in my pocket.

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